Cavier Coleman was born in Detroit, Michigan. At the young age of 13, he moved miles away from his hometown with his father to Atlanta, Georgia. There, his father influenced him to start playing basketball, which eventually landed Cavier a basketball scholarship to Emmanuel College in Georgia. Even though Cavier was a star player coming out of high school, he wasn’t truly happy. After two years of college, a model scout discovered Cavier and he dropped out to pursue modeling full time.

At the age of 19, Cavier became a signed model and, since then, has modeled for several agencies in different countries including Australia and South Africa.

Modeling has taught him so much, which helped him transition into becoming a photographer. He has a very distinct vision and knows as to how he wants the model to pose and be displayed. He always mentions how the eyes are the most important aspect pertaining to a photograph plus being natural in your movements.

As a photographer Cavier takes more than just simple photographs. He incorporates hidden messages and text. He became very skilled at this craft and others began to realize this too. His talent allowed him to shoot for modeling agencies such as DNA , Request, and the world renowned Ford Models. Cavier has also done cover shoots with Obvious Magazine, editorial spreads for OPPA Magazine, Rough Magazine, and Interview Magazine.

As his artistic channels were broadening, by being a model and photographer, Cavier decided to start painting again. It was something he enjoyed as a child and the urge seemed too hard to resist as an adult. Cavier says, “I remember my mother teaching the importance of having great handwriting, and with that I developed drawing skills from watching her.”

His paintings are most influenced by Pablo Picasso & Jean Michel Basquiat, whom he shares two major things in common with them…sharing the same birthday as Picasso and being born the year Basquiat left us. This was a sign to him that painting was something that was meant to be.

Cavier loves to use high contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes in both his paintings and photographs. His work has an incredible amount of depth, layers, and meaning. They tend to convey personal and social issues while taking a political stance….making the viewer more aware.

Cavier has had numerous shows in New York over the past year including the Bottle Neck gallery, RAW: Artist Showcase, and The Great Pass Art Tour! Every event brings him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a household name as a world renowned, well-rounded artist.

Presently, Cavier resides in New York City and plans to travel in the near future to increase his insight in his field, to gain more inspiration and exposure, all to branch out of fashion photography. He is currently involved in several projects and has his work in numerous magazines, store displays, in agency websites, and art galleries across the globe.

Cavier in regards to his work, “I don’t just look at myself as a model or a photographer…I am an artist.”

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1 thought on “Behind the artist: Paintings by Cavier Coleman

  1. A very interesting set of paintings. The Picasso-Basquiat influence is fascinating bearing in mind that Basquiat (to his annoyance) was known as “The Black Picasso”. The influence of the Late Picasso is evident, the mark making of J-M B even more so. I particularly like the colour contrasts in Survivor (and the Basquiat theme). Generally, there seems to be a hommage to Basquiat rather than a use of his linguistic “games “and stylistic devices. Really enjoyed seeing these.

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